We are an established Malaysian software engineering house formed in 1992 which has successfully developed
commercial software applications largely for the financial services industry.

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Horizon Unity is a suite of software modules catered for Unit Trust Management System and has the largest market share in the country with a total of 21 clients having adopted this software. The suite consists of a Back-Office system, Front-Office system and a Self-Service Web-Portal. Some of the key clients include Affin Investment, Apex Investment, Hwang-DVS, Alliance Bank, CIMB Investment Bank, Bank Simpanan Nasional

Horizon Back-Office features functionalities designed for Unit Registry operations. Solution includes: (i) setup of product features/fees/limits, (ii) creation and maintenance of client accounts, (iii) comprehensive statements and holder analysis reports, (iv) transaction and processing of sales, redemption, transfer, switching, (v) periodic distributions and (vi) integration with banking, accounting and imaging systems.
Horizon Front-Office features a set of operations that are designed for front office requirements. The platform is web-based to provide (i) branch delivery solution, (ii) online creation and maintenance of unitholders accounts, (iii) daily operations such as transaction entry and (iii) over-the-counter customer servicing view of unitholders accounts.
Horizon IUTA System is a module to provide software functionalities to address Institutional Unit Trust Agents (IUTA) requirements of Agent Management, Commission Calculations, Branch Deliver and Client Servicing via the Internet. This system can be implemented independently from Unity. We currently have 4 clients who have adopted our IUTA solution.
Horizon Investment-Link is a module to address the administration and management of investment link products for the insurance industry. The software has been adopted by 2 insurance companies.

HORIZON™ Regency

Horizon Regency System is the solution for management of Multi-Level Sales Force. This system provides software functionalities to register agents, maintain the pyramid structure, calculation of commission remunerations and asset under management. One of our client is among the market leaders - Principal Asset Management Berhad. Regency's key features are:

Registration of Sales Channels: Registration of Agents and Distributors, maintenance of agency structure including upline and downlines, integration with FIMM I3 system.
Maintenance of Compensation schemes: Creation of compensation schemes defining policy of sales quota, maintenance of compensation package for Sales Commission, Overriding Commission, Equalisation Commission, Personal & Group Trailer and Year-end bonuses.
Daily & Periodic Operations: Calculation processing of commission schemes, maintenance of commission adjustment, maintance of agents' promotion/demotion/termination/resignation/change of up-line.
Agent Performance Tracking: EIS and data mining of sales competition requirements, tracking of agent performance via performance reporting.


eHORIZON is the public-facing platform that provides self-servicing functionalities to investors and agents. The platforms available are web-based, tablet and mobile apps to provide the highest fidelity across devices. We have 3 clients that have adopted this solution. eHORIZON's features include:

View of investments performance, transaction history and interactive performance charts.
Online transactions for purchase, redemption, transfer and switching of unitholding.
For Agents and Financial Planners: client portfolio and investment history, prospecting module for potential investors, online transaction module for with eKYC support, and CRM features such as calendar, email and SMS integration.
Fully integrated with EPF Members Investment Scheme (MIS) digital platform.

iPASS™ Internet of Things

iPass is an Internet-Of-Things platform that adopts bleeding-edge technologies to simplify, speed up and provide seamless convenience for personnel/tenant access. iPass can be implemented in gated communities, government buildings, offices, shopping malls, carparks and highway tolls. By adopting a cloud platform, iPass allows anyone with a smartphone or smartwatch to access private compounds whilst providing enhanced security for building and facilities management companies

Employs latest technologies for Internet-of-Things platform, such as: biometric, machine learning, and blockchain to provide a comprehensive event-aware ecosystem of security services.
Adoption of smart technologies found in smartphones and smartwatches such as NFC, Bluetooth and GPS tracking provides multi-channel authentication systems.
Web, mobile and tablet interfaces for: (i) neighbourhood/building management personnel to monitor traffic access, (ii) tenants to authorise and track their visitors and visitors' historical, (iii) visitors to request entry to gated neighbourhoods/make payment upon exiting carparks.
Fail-safe: In the case of phone battery failure, iPass' technology allows the users to use a physical card as a fall-back method where the platform can authenticate and/or deduct the account balance seamlessly.


CSQUARE Management System is a corporate portal management system that provides Bespoke Dashboard, Analytics, Advertising and News Management with the world's leading Content Management Systems WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. By professionally integrating these platforms, CSQUARE offers businesses and corporations the flexibility and security while maintaning the cutting-edge of technology. We have 2 clients who have adopted this solution.


xCloud is a versatile cloud delivery platform targeted for businesses to provision and manage their software services infrastructure. What sets xCloud apart from other cloud providers is that it can be deployed privately to enhance a higher degree of control over hardware deployment and data privacy.

What We Do

Our Services



Our organisation offers a complete range of services that have been refined through years of industry expertise with both clients both large and small. We have assisted clients in a broad range of information systems projects, including:-

  • Computer systems planning, analysis, design, construction and implementation.
  • Information Management Review.
  • Systems Assessment, Design/Selection, Contact Negotiation and Implementation.
  • Financial Systems Assessment.
  • Hardware and Software System Integration.
  • Operations Review.
  • Application Development Services.

We provide systems integration services to cover the complete cycle of turnkey systems implementation. In providing these services, we may work with IT vendors and software houses to offer a 'total solution' to our customers.

As a systems integrator, we are not restricted to the distribution of any particular brand of hardware and/or software product. Based on the requirements of the client, we should source for the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to address the assignment's requirements.

In line with our company's direction to provide quality products and services, we have forged business partnerships with some of the IT industry leading vendors and software houses; including IBM, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and ORACLE.

Wrap Around Software Implementation Services

The Group is a 'one stop solution provider for the Unit Trust and Asset Management industry', provides services that wrap around its software solution encompassing project management, analysis, parameterisation, installation, customisation, training, data cut-over, post implementation support and maintenance.

System Integration Services

We have also undertaken Systems Integration projects in the financial industry and telecommunications industry. The company works with a variety of hardware and software vendors to provide quality service to cover the complete cycle of turnkey systems implementation.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Services

We have extensive practical experience in developing data warehouse and Business Intelligence utilities. The software developed by the organisation fully employs Data Warehouse in its data structures architecture and provides a variety of standard 'data views' that allows users to access, correlate and display information stored in the Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse integrates with the necessary data mining tools to provide Business Intelligence information on Treasury.



The scope of the services in these areas involves defining and facilitating the execution of the preparatory activities leading to the operation of the organisation. In this portfolio of services, we provide consultancy services to advice and assist organisations adopt "best industry practices" and undertake the following key establishment activities:-

  • Establishment of Organisation Structure.
  • Business Process and Operations Definition.
  • Operational and Systems Procedures Development.
  • Financial and Accounting Management Information (F&A MIS) Definition.
  • Systems and Procedures Training.
  • Operations Supervision Assistance.
Business Process Re-Engineering Service

Our BPR services are about change making the client's operations at the total enterprise level or at the specific transaction of process level.

BPR services include cost management, operations and quality management, productivity improvement, performance measurement, strategic analysis, change management, financial planning and control, financial policies and procedures development and management reportings.

In this area of service, we would undertake a Focused Improvement exercise that measures in terms of quality of services (both internal and external customers), cycle time reduction and savings in cost through employee empowerment. This would address the following:-

  • Better understanding of customer requirements in terms of quality, time and cost.
  • Identify, minimise and where possible, eliminate non-value added activities (NVA) and improve value-added (VA) activities.
  • Improve position of the organisation by rapidly implementing process-analysis-based improvement in quality, time and cost performance.
  • Effectively streamline business processes to initiate and sustain improvements.

Scope of IT Expertise

Systems Planning

Our consultants perform a variety of planning activities under the umbrellas of long range, strategic and follow-on information systems planning. Follow-on information systems planning are developed as necessary and may include:-

  • Organisation Planning
  • Security Planning
  • Budget Planning
  • Computer Capacity Planning
  • Contingency Planning
  • Database Design
  • Network Planning
  • Application Systems
Systems Selection, Development and Implementation

Our approach is to define the overall business "system's" requirements for each functional area and to identify the most appropriate information systems alternative for each functional area. Our approach provides focus on the long term impact of systems on the business strategic plan. As part of the process, we:-

  • Review business strategy and operations.
  • Evaluate current systems.
  • Develop high-level systems requirements and consider alternative solutions.
  • Identify short-term improvement opportunities.
  • Recommend a long term systems plan that addresses specific organisation, technology and application requirements.
Technology Migration Planning & Assistance

Our specialists supplement and train your staff throughout any migration effort to minimise the effect on your business and provide you with a trained, knowledgeable staff to maintain and service your new information systems environment.

Computer Network Planning

We have long recognised that network planning and awareness are fundamental to serving our clients.

Our professionals are experienced in aspect of computer network topology and design.

Systems & Database Management

Selection of your systems software platform is vitality important to the future of your information systems environment.

Our specialists have experience in a variety of operating systems and database environments, and can assist you in determining the most appropriate alternative for your organisation.

Systems Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance

We have developed a pragmatic systems development methodology that is a synthesis of principles and practice drawn from many years of business systems development experience.

The methodology promotes a greater project control, along with the most effective use of our management consultants and client personnel



Our Achievements

Who We Are

A Story
About Us

Xylog was set up by a group of experienced IT and management professionals to provide high quality services in the financial industry. Since its modest inception, the Xylog Group has grown into a specialised organisation with a workforce of over 30 with sales having grown 14-fold. Today, it is staffed by a team of service oriented professional committed to new technologies and delivering quality as well as pragmatic solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

We pride ourselves as having served many distinguished local financial institutions as well as financial institutions outside of Malaysia, including Hong Kong and Singapore. Our major client groups comprise of financial institutions (unit trust/mutual fund companies/ asset management companies/insurance companies/commercial banks/brokerage and securities firms), utility business sector, public sector enterprises and corporations.

About Us

Business Objective

The organisation was set up by a group of experienced IT and management professionals to provide high quality services in the financial industry. Our key emphasis is on development, recruitment and retainment of the highest calibre staff who are capable and responsive to timely delivery of quality work.

In our drive to achieve this objective, our activites, and decisions are guided by:

  • Quality in our work and services
  • Teamwork and service oriented
  • Intergrity, and objectivity in all our relationships
  • personnel involvement and commitment to our client's success
  • Innovation and willingness to consider change

People Development & Teamwork

Our staff brings with them many years of relevant experience coupled with technical skills, knowledge, authority, dedication and most of all commitment to meet the

  • Interpersonal skills in the full range of consultation, interview, gathering, negotiation, agreement conclusion, progress reporting and conclusions reporting.
  • Exemplary experience and skills in Information Technology.
  • Organisational and business skills.

Motivating The Industry

In our drive to be a premier company providing total computer services in Malaysia, we have forged business partnerships with leading IT industry vendors and software houses to package the most suitable and cost-effective solution to the customers. With our prime objective to provide innovative solutions, we constantly source and package cost-effective solutions from the marketplace to respond proactively to our customers' needs.

Who We Are

A Story
Nature of Business

Throughout our history of over 20 years, Xylog has served some of Malaysia's largest and most prestigious corporations. We pride ourselves for constantly creating and innovating to keep up with the ever fast moving time that is information Technology today.


Software Solutions for

  • Unit Trust Management
  • Asset Portfolio Management
  • IUTA Nominees & Agency, Investment Link
  • Campaign Analysis Management


  • Software Development
  • System Integration
  • IT Consultation

Special Project

  • Turnkey Application Development
  • System & Technology
Who We Are

A Story
Nature of Background

Industry Focus

Financial Instruction and Corporations

  • Unit Trust Management
  • Fund Management
  • Sales Agency Management
  • Professional Financial Planner
  • Operation Management
  • Business Intelligence

Product Technology

  • Relational Database (RDBMS)
  • ORACLE, Microsoft SQL, UNIFY Data Server,MySQL

  • Software Tools
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.Net, UNIFI Vision, Java, ACCELL/SQL, Xcode, Android Studio, React Native

  • Web Development Tools
  • ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5, Laravel Stack

  • Server Platforms
  • UNIX Open Systems, Microsoft Windows NT/Server Systems, RedHat/CentOS Linux Systems, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

  • Client-Server Architecture and Networking
  • CISCO and Norel

    Who We Are

    A Story
    Our History


    Xylog Formed

    • Software Engineers
    • Asset Management Professionals
    • Financial Consultants

    1993 - 1996


    State glcs as clients

    • Yayasan Guru
    • Amanah Saham Sarawak
    • Permodalan BSN Berhad
    • Amanah Saham Kedah
    • ...and others

    1997 - 1999

    currency crisis 97

    technology upgrades

    2000 - 2010

    industry focus

    unit trust, fund accounting, sales force, bi

    • Major enhancements
    • Business rules
    • Data processing

    2011 - 2015


    transfer agency - indonesia, operation outsourcing

    • Web-based applications
    • Localisation
    • (BigData Analytics (2013 elections

    2015 - Now

    new services

    digital channels, mobile apps, ekyc, iaas

    • Developed mobile apps - GPS, NFC, Predictive algorithms
    • App for Financial Planners
    • Unit Trust operations outsourcing or Infrastructure outsourcing
    • Released apps - FoodMood, Media Selangor
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    • (603) 8316 6694
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    • xylog@xylog.com.my
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